How to approach my crush?

i have an enormous crush on this guy. he's so kind, funny, and he's super cute. in my eyes, he is perfection. it sounds lame. cliche. whatever you wanna say. but i really do like him, and i can't get him off of my damn mind.
anyway, he barely notices me. its not that he ignores me, its just that he's always surrounded by his group of guy friends. it seems impossible to go up to him. and even if he werent constantly surrounded, i still wouldn't know how to approach him because im so nervous and shy. i can't swallow my pride because im so afraid of looking stupid. Even worse, making it obvious that i like him.
what can i do to approach him? when do i approach him? what do i say?


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  • Just say hi at first. Then a few days later ask how he's been!


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