Can an agerage guy get a girlfriend?

To be clear to me and in my country average = ugly as hell

you are either hot

Soo If I'm ugly can I get a chick that is not fat and ugly? or am I just fucked? cause to date a fat girl or an ugly girl I'd much rather stay single


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  • Maybe not... If your country is the way that you say it is. I suggest immigration to Canada, you might just be a hit sensation ^^

    • let e gte right on that with all the money I dont have :/

    • ._. I forgot about money... It is an important factor. Maybe grow your hair out and slick it back. That would look good on you.

    • My hair grows like and afro so slicking back is aimpossible

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  • Oh forsure but a 27 year old asking this.. taking a muscleless shirtless bathroom selfie with a face expression that says I'm going to shoot up a school. Meh I don't know.. Honestly you sound so juvenile asking this question bro. Stop acting to weird and maybe a girl would consider you.

    • You are funny to think that i act like this in public I only ask online cause I dont trust psychologist but girls call me ugly all the time and I dont want to be with a fat ugly girl I tried once but I couldnt even kiss her without feel gross

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    • Well bodybuilding. com taught me everything I know today.. its a good source just use it wisely.

    • well thanks but no thanks all I vere get there is scarstic comments and NO help at all

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  • If you weren't shallow, of course you could.

    • I'm not shallow I tried dating a fta girl once I felt gross just kissing her and couldnt gte my penis up for sex I'm just not attracted to fat girls

    • I see what you mean. Just don't expect a model girlfriend.

    • Well I typically dont but I want someone that i like at least sheesh

  • Of course you can!


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  • I wish u nothing but bad luck you shallow bastard!

    • oh yeah thats really smart thing to tell to a mentally ill person :/

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    • Im not the best, looking guy around myself, but i dont give a fuck i keep trying.
      U can take it or leave it.
      Just try and deal with it buddy

    • Yeah I've been trying but it fucking sucks that my life has to be garbage why couldnt I be a good looking guy with an actually chnace at life

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