Girls, why do I get turned on by "bad boys" so easily but never by "nice guys"?

I really do want to date a nice guy. The thought of someone treating me well, always being there for me, being reliable and being my best friend... it just sounds so great. However when I date guys like this, I find myself bored after a while.

I've dated a few (some might call them dicks), and just for some reason, I always get a rush when I'm with them. The way they lead me, the way they know what they want... it's just... hot.

The nice guys always ask what I want to do, ask me my opinoin, make sure I'm happy... which SHOULD make me happy... but it isn't as exciting as the "bad boys". Ugh.

Has anyone felt this way before? Care to explain how you feel and maybe why we feel this way?


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  • In my opinion, bad boys are more honest and straight-to-the-point. Nice guys usually lie about being a "nice guy" and end up being an asshole. I just don't bother with either of those types anymore.

  • Yes! It's just exciting!

    • But I don't want to end up with a selfish a$$hole. I want to be treated right. Don't you? So is it, to be treated right, we can't have an exciting relationship? Like one or the other?

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    • Hmm... maybe that's why people complain that sex stops after marriage, cuz people settle down with the boring ones LOL. No offense to nice guys, but sex is usually kinda zzzzzzzzz with them after having some agreesive bad boys :x

    • Yes, I agree.

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