Girls, in your early 20's in this bad? Should I feel bad? What would you do?

So there's this guy who was talking to me, and he's super sweet and he's funny and I know he's the kinda guy who would want something serious, I won't go into too many details but he's a good guy, but he's already lost his hair!! He's only about 21 and I don't know what it was but he shaves his head because according to him he lost most of it already, and the top is a bit lighter than the rest of the shadow on his bald head... and I admit looks matter please don't bash me for that, others girls say way worse about his baldness, but I just can't see myself with a bald guy!! I know it's dumb to have a picture of who you want to be with in your head but a guy with no hair? Girls what would you do? Would you give him a shot? I feel like I'm not alone in my opinion of this...
  • I could date a bald guy, you should give him a chance
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  • I find baldness a turn off, I kinda agree with holding out for hair
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He's white and kinda pale just so people know, he's not some dark guy who can get away with it as well... yeah his head shape is okay but no hair? I don't know..


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  • It probably wouldn't bother me, but it sounds like it bothers you and you don't find him attractive, so don't feel bad about it.

    • Well his face and eyes are awesome and he's in shape yeah he's a smaller guy but he fits his frame and isn't some pencil neck kinda guy, but that's what I mean I find him good looking but the novelty of hair? And most girls scoff at bald guys I think so would I be the laughing stock?

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  • Give him a chance. Maybe it's useful. You could check your makeup on his head.

    • No offense but did you vote? I asked for younger girls because when you get around your age baldness is more acceptable

    • Sorry honey, I meant to say if you have to think that hard about it, it probably means you know deep down there is a considerable chance that there are no better suitors waiting for you. Good luck with whatever you choose! I voted B :)

  • Give him a chance!

    • You're saying you could be attracted to a bald guy? Who's THIS young?

    • I mean he pulls off shaved okay but bald already?

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