Is it because of me?

So I started school about two werks ago, & in this once class i sat in front of this very cute boy lol. We made a lpt of ehe contact and everything, we're clearly attrated to eachother so that Friday he had asked a friend of mine for my #. we were texting hitting off great, hung out at the FB game, great connection. then the next day I see on snapchat him kissin a girl which later turns out to be his girlfriend... I stopped replying bc i felt it was disrespectful to their relationship.. but after a fee days he was like its not like we can't text as friend which is true , so we started texting again, and he sat w/ me at lunch and we hang in class. but as we get coolor his girl notices & she messaged me one day to stop, conpletely understood & said ok then a few hours later he texted me saying they were done... Even though he said it wasn't my fault and he fell out of love a while and it was bound to happen i can't help feel like i in some way influenced his actions to do so... but he said i have nothing to do with it... and about two days later he would like lay on my shoulder and hold my hand for a bit but i obviously smoothly would like let go or slode away because i dont feel right even tho id love to date him... he's cute and we get along great but he could do the same thing to me if we were to date & i dont want his girl giving me problems if we were to date bc obviously im the reason inher head... any thoughts?
sorry i spelled a lot of things wrong and sound illerate , i was typing very fast on my iphone lol 😂😐


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  • I personally Respect you

    • Wow, that means alot! Lol why so? But do you think he broke up with her because of me or do you think they had their own issues beneath the surface? should i go for it or just leave it as friends?

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    • this true... thank you!

    • thanks for MH :) Now This means a lot xD

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