I almost kissed him?

so there is a guy a family friend and he came over to my house to hang out with me... well we were siting on the couch and we started "fighting" so like playfull flirting, he would "kick" me in the butt so i would punch him in the arm. i know he likes me, he has told me. well anyway we were messing around and i admitted defeat and i looked at him with our faces really close and, i was about to lean in for the kiss when instead... i blowed in his face. he eventually left when my sister came. afterward i texted him that when he came over to my house that day i had wanted to kiss him and if he felt the same way. he hasn't responded so i told him to just forget about it. i havnt seen him since he came over to my house and i dont know what to do!!!


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  • Ahh you should have left it alone after you said you wanted to kiss him that day! It's okay though don't over think it. If he has told you that he likes you then you're in the clear. Why wouldn't he want to kiss you too if he didn't like you?

    • I don't know. i was very confused by it. what should i do know?

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    • ok thanks, this was really helpful. :)

    • No problem! Good luck! :)

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