Would you break up with someone you don't see often (once a week, or once every other week)?

I was with my ex for almost two years already. In short here's what happened.

1) Got together

2) Mini break up: he broke up with me for talking to my "guy friends"

3) Break-up: He broke up with me. He said he got tired of me, and gave up on the relationship because we didn't see each other often.

.___. We see each other every day at school but he broke up with me around mid-June of this year - because of the fact that we'll only see each other three times a month for the entirety of summer break.

Would you have broken up with your bf/gf for that reason?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • "2) Mini break up: he broke up with me for talking to my "guy friends""

    ^then he didn't fully trust u if that's so... u were just talkin didn't u? if he assumed u did more than just talkin... then i guess he didn't trust u much...

    "3) Break-up: He broke up with me. He said he got tired of me, and gave up on the relationship because we didn't see each other often."

    ^So how often were u seein each other? but even if u didn't see each other often... still u couldkep things alive by daily communication in my opinion... ;)

    so i guess it was just an xcuse... he either got tired of u... or this thing u were talking to his guy friends really irritated him... :/

    "We see each other every day at school but he broke up with me around mid-June of this year - because of the fact that we'll only see each other three times a month for the entirety of summer break. "

    ^i see... well 3 times/month isn't very often for a couple but it was summer so he could overlook it... so i guess u r gonna see each other now in september?

    "Would you have broken up with your bf/gf for that reason?"

    ^eh no way... i'd be in contact wid hair as much as possible during SB... :)

    • Yeah I tried my best to keep in contact with hi.. But yeah I guess it's clear that he got tired of me.

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    • Tf are you talking about @OrdinaryGentleman

    • @youknowitt I am talking about how in depth he got, get over it :D

Most Helpful Girl

  • It Really Does 'Depend,' @youknowit, on How he really Feels about You... Unconditionally.
    If he really has feelings for you, he will stay in the game and Stick it out with you, because with Moving heaven and earth, no matter how far, no matter how Often, he would Make this Attempt to Stay with you. It's called "Unconditional love."
    I have a husband out in Egypt whom I married out in Cairo 3 years ago, and although I am back in the states and with personal issues and the Middle East having gotten so bad, I have not gone Back to be with him or his family. However, come hell or high water, I am God willing making my plans to fly out this year to be with him because I leave everything in God's hands and what He says "goes."
    It's your call, your choice, of a boy who is still wet behind the ears in years here, dear. But with a problem pattern that I am seeing with it Being Full course, I believe you should move on and Begin a New Beguine of "Fresh."
    Good luck. xxx

    • Thank you sweetie for the Upvote. xx

    • Yeah. I want that. To be loved unconditionally. :/

      I really hope I find the right person. I just keep meeting the wrong people... It's funny how they themselves tell me that they're not right for me and I'm not right for them - that I'll find someone who truly loves me.

      Like why don't they try to be "that" person.

    • One never knows Who God hooked One up with.. I never expected to find a man on FB who Found me from Egypt and that I would go flying off to Cairo to get married. lol:)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 7

  • Hmm if they did it on purpose and didn't take the relationship and me seriously heck yeah I would in fact that was one of the main factors in my previous relationship.

  • i have, but she lost my trust...
    i would have stayed and loved her, but... things dont work out sometimes

  • First, that's a crap excuse to break up with a girl just because she talks to a guy, unless you did out with him, and the second for not even attempting to work whatever out. You see each other every day, or week, so it's not like your apart for months on end, so I don't see the issue.

    • I did everything ai could to keep the relationship. Texted everyday. Called. He just slowly began to ignore me.

      He was just... Over me. Probably just didn't want to admit it for a long time.

      Maybe he feels bad for me or the time we spent together being "wasted" after breaking up.

    • At the age your at, the guys aren't thinking of relationships and the like, so Both girls and guys are fickle at this age, so just try and move on and enjoy yourself.

  • Well I don't know what I would do... I think it depends upon if I am happy seeing her for one day in a week... or if something could be done about it..

    Once a week is quite low... but can be managed... For a short amount of time

    • Whatever. I'm just s kid anyway. It doesn't matter... :/

    • Well you for you now it doesn't matter LOL

      I was answering from my POV 😊

  • It depends. Summer break in germany is 6 weeks. So if I only see her 3 Times in 6 weeks, Im cool with that BUT it has to have a reason. For example if she flies away with her Family during summer break, I can totally understand but if she just stays and there is no specific reason to not meet up, I start questioning the relationship. "Why?" "Is she tired of me?" "Dont she feel the urge to see me, like I want to see her?" "Is she meeting another guy?" etc etc etc.

    So yeah, give me a reason and Im good.

    • My reason is that I have a really strict mum who doesn't allow him in the house all the time, only on weekends (even during summer break, which is dumb af)... And I get picked up by my dad evry other weekend (who's in philippines atm)...

      Sometimes I like to say that everything is my mom's fault. I dunno maybe it's mine for getting into a relationship so early.

      Fuck. I hate pointing fingers man. Let's just say that it's better that he broke up with me.

      I just wished that he wa smore understanding of my situation.

      Maybe if We had more things in common. Maybe he would've stayed. Maybe if we listened to more of the same music. Maybe if he got to taste my cooking. Maybe this maybe that.

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    • Fuck yes.

      But hey, he's 16... Not a lot of guys can endure the maximum of 3 months with a girl.

    • My best friend endured 4 whole years from 16-20 I thought they'd marry.. XD but then she cheated and it was over.. but yeah you're right thats the Special ones.

  • Just young... hard to be commuted to something when you're that age

  • No I would not


What Girls Said 5

  • For me, maybe I would yeah, but that's because my priorities might lay a little different. I'm a very touchy person and physical contact and face to face conversations are very important for me. I wouldn't be able to maintain a relationship by Skype, chat or phone. That's just me.
    I do think your boyfriend just looked for a lame excuse tbh. He sounds like a douche. You can get so much better.

    • There's not a lot of "better" where I live.

      Yeah my EX is a douche. I'll never forget everything he took away from me.

  • No, I'd never break up over such a reason. I'd try to work things out between us and at least contact each other every now and then.

    • Yeah but people aren't like you. Everyone's just so fast paced... Sometimes I can't keep up with them. Plus, I got other shit to do.

      Relationships are so hard at this age-.-

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    • Yup. Prove to him that you're way better off without him.

    • 😍❤️👍

  • No I could handle the distance if we really cared about each other. His loss! What a div!

  • Three times a month is a good enough for me, at least I'll have my space.

  • Wow. He is such a jerk. First of all, by the sign of this "mini breakup" you should have ditched him and found someone better. A relationship built on no trust will have no foundation. Second of all, people who love each other will find a way. Any way. All the time. So it's good you got rid of this terrible excuse for a boyfriend. And third of all. I've read your mytakes and opinions and wow you're such an amazing person with great perspective, sense of humour, and an outstanding personality. You're also stunning. Don't worry, you will find someone so much better who would jump in joy at the idea of seeing you even for only five seconds a week. (hopefully there'll be more time but you get the point.) :)


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