I'm a 25 year old female and never been in a relationship let alone gone on a date, how bad is that?

Growing up of course I've had crushes on guys and I have been asked by guys. It's just the guys I was asked out by I never really was attracted to physically, mentally or emotionally. I feel I've been so busy with life as far as school, work and helping my family and friends that I have missed out on a big part of growing up. I have no clue how to flirt with guys, at least I don't think so because they all treat me like a friend, I don't know how to find guys who would actually like someone who hasn't been in any sort of relationship.

Guys, would this freak you out about a girl you were getting to know? Should I even tell a guy if I meet one?


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  • Sounds like you're too picky, did you even find at least one guy and said "hmmm he looks kinda cute"

    • Oh yea of course. Lol I work for a City doing labor work and I see and talk to cute/hot guys all the time.

    • I mean the guys that have approached you... I have doubts that all of them were unattractive

    • No they were all cute in their own ways, I just thought of those guys as friends. I never really saw them as more then that. Not like the guys I actually liked.

  • Yeah.. a bit. lol.

    • Totally understandable

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    • If anyone asks you about a past relationship you can say I dated fearlessbanana.. I'll let it slide I guess.

    • lol, thanks I appreciate that.

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