Ey guys, what are you looking for in dating sites?

I have met some guys who are on Tinder, but they are also in ok cupid, match and every other dating site. I am just on Tinder and i don´t meet these guys very often. What I have noticed is that guys are more active and enthusiastic in those kind of sites. I know this because some of these guys have show me some pictures on their phones and there i can see all these app, and also, My preferences on tinder are that I am looking for male and female, and I always find many more male than female.

Why is that? Perhaps guys are more in a hurry than women to get sex, love and affection? perhaps they are more in a hurry to get just sex? If they just want sex why to waste their time making profiles in several dating sites? perhaps it would be better just go and paying for sex to someone else? I don't know what to think about this.
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  • I've been on Match for a while now. It seems there are many more men than women on the site, but I'm sure there are actually about as many single women than men, just for some reason the single men are on the site looking, and some single women are not.

    I know there are several reasons singles go on those site to meet a partner. All of those you listed, and probably some others, like financial or social reasons. For a while I assumed singles were there to meet a romantic partner. Not always true.

    • financial reasons? gold diggers?

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  • I think the primary reason people are on dating apps and websites is because they want to get dates... and relationships. Isn't that what a dating app or website is for by its very nature?

    • to get dates of course, but which purpouse, just sex? looking for a girlfriend?

  • I use Tinder cause it's fun. What do I want? Nothing special, it all depends on the girl. I just want to meet new people, if it ends in a friendship, cool. If it ends in sex, cool. If it end in a relationship, cool.
    I know it's not the best place to meet people, that's why I don't give it that much importance.
    I think when it comes to Tinder, you are shown to those who you want to see, that's why you get more guys than girls, because there are more guys wanting to meet a girl, than a girl wanting to meet a girl.
    I've never tried it, but if in my preferences I put I want to meet guys and girls, I bet I'll still get more females than males.

  • I use tinder and I'll be brutally honest.. I use it as a tool to get sex and that is all.

  • Women to talk to right now, because that along is so fucking hard to find for some reason.


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