Does he really like me?

Okay so I met this guy about four days ago & we instantly hit it off! Now he tells me he likes me but in all honesty it's hard for me to let my guard up from past experiences! So I need your guys help on wether he's acting like the amazing gentlemen or if that's truly him. So some things he has done and said:

1) when going out we flirted a lot & had a really good night. He was a gentlemen and paid for it all even though I insisted I'd split it.

2) when going home he explained how he had a great night and how he had a much better time then if he was going to the pub (blew his friends off for me)

3) he texted me as soon as I got in and described in great detail how much he enjoyed himself & how we will go out soon again

4) he talked about me maybe meeting his niece and nephews one day if I wanted too.

5) he's told me that he likes me.

6) ehen speaking about a cafe I really want to go out and try he said he'll come with me & we'll make it a date.

9) he wanted to see me the next night too, and we just chilled at his as he had work the next day. However something's did happen, there was a lot of kissing and touching (hands above clothes) and teasing. He never rushed or forced anything and was dry humping each other. I felt like I was a teenager again. He didn't initiate having sex. Now I can't pick one fault with him he's absolutely great but does it seem like he actually likes me or just after some fun? (Which I think deep down he isn't just after that).


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