How do guys views girls who are virgins and/or never kissed or even had a boyfriend?

OK, there are girls out there who are my age and have never kissed a guy or anything of that matter. I'm not saying that I feel depressed or anything because I don't. I've had opportunities to kiss guys; I just didn't. I'm not a lesbian either because lesbians have tried to convert me! That didn't work lol! I'm waiting for that someone...however cliche that might sound. I just want to know what you guys think of girls like that. Be real.


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  • Well there is certainly nothing wrong with being a virgin. My beef (problem) it is that women that are virgins tend to be awkward in terms of dating. For example, all the virgins I have dated just simply did not know how to begin conversation, they were all quiet (too quiet), and oddly (maybe its me...yea...its me) they seem confused about their feelings to the point where I had to either had to play psychiatrist for them (and we only end up being friends), or I feel too bad to even date, for fright of hurting them and I just left. Like if a girl is a virgin and we are friends, then I never even bother to ask for a relationship, but as a co-worker and as a best friend...yea, that is cool because they barely have any baggage.

    (Remember, this is just ME, not other guys)

    I was pretty cold with my response, but I hope it helps somewhat.

    • Ok. I see what you're saying but not all virgins are shy or awkward. I know I'm not. But yea, I understand what your saying.

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  • Depending on their reason. If the girl claims "i'm waiting for someone special" as the reason they're a virgin. Which in translation basically means "i'm waiting until i'm in a relationship that lasts longer then 2 weeks".

    Then it isn't particularly special (although still better than someone who sleeeps around). If she was waiting till marriage, then it'd be admirable and hot.

  • There's nothing wrong with it. But I would prefer not to be with a virgin. In terms of kissing though I think everyone should have kissed before they're 18 it would sort of put me off getting with a girl who has never kissed before it would make me think she was a bit emotional and worries about too much.

  • i don't view it as a bad thing at all. I'm in the same situation.


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