I've got her number and she's leaving tomorrow. How can I ask her out?

Lemme explain my situation. There's this girl at work and we ahve great time together. We talk and hang out while we're not busy working. She smiles a lot and i do too. So, i got her number at a casual moment and i wanna ask her out. She's leaving tomorrow (her internship will end, we bıth are interns) and i won't see her again unless i contact her. The question is this, how can i ask her out? Should i just text her from Whatsapp for coffee, or do something else? What would be a good way? I'm not good at this kinda thing, so i don't know what to do and texting seems like an easy enough option for me. I know i won't be able to have some alone time with her at work tomorrow, so asking her in person is probably off the table. Also, do you recommend something special to say for goodbye that would get me some plus points in her eyes?


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  • Plan everything out. Transport, event, dinner, place to hangout, location, time, etc.

    Than call her for a date.

    Don't plan anything unless you are sure she says yes. But you should ask her out anyways.


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