Creepy weird this that just happened to me with a guy, why did he act like this I'm so confused help 😂?

So this guy who likes me and always messaged me on Facebook, talked to me last night and I was really tired and said I'm going to sleep talk to you tomorrow and he said ok. Then today the next day early in the morning I go on Facebook and he inboxes me at 9am saying he can't be bothered with me talking sometimes then other times I don't talk to him and he blocked me.. So here am I really confused like what the hell just happened here and I message him on snapchat and say not to talk to me again because it is not normal and weird and he starts sending me loads of voice recordings calling names and shouting 'YOU DONT JUST SAY YOU ARE GOING TO MESSAGE SOMEONE THEN NOT MESSAGE THEM YOU SLUT' and other horrible names and more abuse so I say this isn't normal okay you need help and he keeps going on and sending me horrible recordings so I'm like ok and block him 😂😂 in very creeped out whay just happened this happened once before and I forgive him and now it's happened again but with a lot of nasty recordings I'm so weirded out ?


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  • I think you know that he's not worth dating, but I really think you want to know why he was acting like that. Looking at it from his perspective, I can see how he could take what you said as a blow off and wanted to belittle you for making him feel put off. It should be clear that he is not only insecure and hypocritical, but extremely vengeful and cruel to those he thinks have hurt him. My advice is that you dodge guys like this. No person ever has a good reason for saying or messaging the things that he did to you. I think you're lucky, considering he could have dated you, lied to you, then later you find out that he was a terrible person, on now you're emotionally attached to him.


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  • Sounds like he is massively insecure, or he is a major control freak - either way he's not worth wasting your time on! Definitely has issue! You have him a second chance, and he blew it, don't give him a third!


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  • He's just a weird ass dude don't talk to him lol


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