Is it wrong to be just attached to someone but not In love with them while dating?

There's no cheating involved if that's what you're thinking, you act like a regular couple it's just that you're not in love with the person you just care for them
  • Yes it's wrong and you should be ashamed
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  • No it's okay, at least you're not cheating
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  • it is not wrong.. but spend time with her.. and if you don't see a future with her.. then break it off.. better for both of you..

    • I don't really see a future with anyone... I don't usually want to tell them and risk making them cry, unless they're looking for someone loooonnnnggggg term then I tell them after almost about a year in

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    • :3 please tell me what's on your mind

    • It's just a bit weird.. and taking it long like a year is not good.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Love is an illusion and scientists have found it literally causes obsessive disorder in the brain. Being in a relationship, being in any relationship, is a transaction. That's it. Compromises. You do this for me and I'll do that for you and we'll embark on sexual explorations (or not if your asexual) if you're lucky if you'll have a friendship with the transaction, but love isn't something healthy to search after. Consider yourself lucky you're not so vulnerable to fall into that. Nothing to feel bad about.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No, it's not wrong, but it's sad, and will not make a good, healthy, or happy or even real relationship.

    • Well it's not like I'm doing bad things to her, she's not going to find me with another girl while still in this relationship lol and hurt her like that

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    • Yes lol but I fear that it will sound like a super shitty thing to say "I'm only dating her for sex and someone to talk with" xD

    • There's a million other ways to get sex. I personally believe, and many would agree, that relationships are for those who have feelings for each other and future companionship. It IS shitty to be with someone romantically without being romantic, I guess. There's nothing wrong with friends with benefits or those kinds of things, though. That's what you should do for sex. Have a friends with benefits and friends.

What Guys Said 1

  • No, it's not wrong because you don't have control over such feelings. You can't 'force' yourself to love someone.


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