Guys, any stories you want to share on dating older women? like 15 years older? girls, any experiences you want to share on dating 15yo younger guys?

something to look foward to? something to pay attention to?


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  • Older women come in two groups.

    The first group is done with all the drama and BS and usually just wants a fun, somewhat dependable relationship.

    The second group is the group that doesn't have their crap together and are still looking for "the one."

    Older women can be fun as they have some more experience under their belts and know what they like and don't like in the bedroom.

    Red flags include... lots of kids, still wanting to have more kids, daddy drama, kids from multiple fathers, still in school trying to get blank degree.

    Green flags... all her kids are off at college and she's excited she has the house to herself, solid job or in some kind of management position.

    Enjoy the ride and the experience. Have fun with it is my advice.

    • thanks for your feedback man!
      none of the red flags have been raised, yet! lol but ill keep an eye open

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