Should I text my ex?

Well, he wasn't technally my ex, he was never my boyfriend. he claimed I was playing mind games, I wasn't. He is bipolar and had a bad hildhood. But I honestly want to see how he's doing. Amd possibly hang with him again. Would it be weird to text him?


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  • No harm in Extending a "Hello, how are you," @idrccater and just Asking how a Friend is doing?
    However, knowing a few complicated consequences of the Past that may have not been a Blast, you know what you are in for with this Bipolar' guy and with his thinking the way he saw it on his own End, it may End up be a Full circle Problem... Again.
    Good luck. xx

    • @idrccarter

    • *Idrccarter I think Now I have this right, sweetie. lol:)) xx

    • Thank you, @idrccarter for the Vote of Confidence and I am hoping I am confident to this time to get your name right. lolxxoo

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  • Don't text him put him in the past. If it was drama before it's going to turn into drama again.


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