Where can you find guys?

I only had my first boyfriend this year but now I've had two boyfriends and I haven't been with anyone in months and I can feel my... sexual desires going through the roof but there's no guy to be an outlet for that. I just want to say I am a virgin and wouldn't consider having sex with a guy unless I really really trusted them (which, being somone with abandonment issues it isn't an easy thing to get from me) but I was wondering where is a good place to meet guys when you're a teenager because I have no clue and I honestly don't want to have to go through messy breakups with friends from school or friends of friends again because it just gets complicated and not worth the effort.


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  • School is probably the number one answer here. But there are usually hangouts for teens. Find out where teens in your town hang out and try there.

    Or sign up for an online site, but being under 18 that's going to be tough for you.


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