What is going on? Do I confront him?

A friend of mine and I have slowly developed a romantic relationship. We had been out on a couple of dates and he finally kissed me.
Soon i am moving out of town and he's going off to school. Although we'll only be an hour or so away from one another and we'll be back in our home town often.
I want to discuss whats going on between us and if it's going to stop when he leaves for school.
This is certainly something you discuss in person. So i told him i wanted to see him again before he leaves. He said that he wanted to get together again as well, but wasn't sure when and that hed get back to me. Its been a few days and he leaves in a few more days and i still haven't heard from him.
If he wasn't willing to try and make things work then why kiss me and act coupley with me id he wasn't going to try and make it work?


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  • He probably also realizes the awkward situation you are both about to be in and is having a hard time processing his feelings.

    • well time is ticking and I really don't enjoy being jerked around.

    • This is where texting sucks. Too easy to avoid people and convenient compared to meeting face to face.

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