My girlfriend of 10 months wants guy friends rather than lady friends cus of less drama. I'm having a hard time accepting it.. over reacting?

I don't like the thought of her hanging out with other guys, even though some are gay. And I know how jealous she gets when other women are around me (because I get a lot of attention from women). It kinda feels like double moral to me.


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  • You both need to come to an understanding that we're only human, we even look at other guys/girls doesn't mean we want them. You should trust her enough to hang out with guys that will respect that she's in a relationship if not, she should be the one to end her friendship with them and vice versa for you. You two aren't giving each other reasons to be jealous, it's normal for opposite sex to hang out and you both worry too much. At the end of the day you two are with each other for a reason, and who knows what the future holds, but presently you two are together xx


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  • Listen. There is a fine lne between jealousy and controlling. You don't want to control her life. My girlfriend has guy friends and I have girl friends too.
    It's about trust. You need to trust them and their feelings for you otherwise you'll become an overbearing person. She will then most likely dump you.

    It's okay to be jealous and express it. I just did today. I don't expect her to tell me to stop being friends with some of my best friends, so i don't expect the same from her.


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  • Some girls don't like other women. Can she be friends with your friends?

    • Most of my friends are party guys, and she hates alcohol due to unfortunate behaviour by her dad from youger age. So most times she avoid activities where my friends are in presence. And then she often gets mad at me for doing funny things without her.

    • This sounds like a promising relationship.

  • She just needs to make girl friends that aren't into causing dramas.

  • Then you have to choose for yourself who are your friends who care for you, it does matter if she gets jealous or not. You have a choice to choose your friends not her.


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