Met this beautiful girl at some rooftop bar in NYC.. We were both leaving but somehow I still got her number.. What's the best way to start to convo?

So I was pretty tipsy so I can barely remember what we said she texted me so I can save her number, when should I text and what should I text?
I don't usually meet girls at clubs or bars and I just got out of relationship like 2 months ago..
thank you


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  • Well are you both still in the city? Do you have time to hang out one last time? Either way, you can just ask how she's feeling, how her day etc. You can casually text someone without the intention of wanting to date them of course

    • Well we both live in the city, and obviously I approached her cause I'm interested in asking her out but I don't wanna come out awkward so is it too early to text and what I'm asking what's the best way to start up a convo..
      Thank you :)

    • Well she wants u to test her coz she gave u her number maybe Wait a day and just be like Hey this is ( your name) we met the other day and I want to know if u wanna go out for a drink or something.

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