Guys, would you date a muslim girl?


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  • Hmmm it depends. If she's gonna be calling me an infidel and trying to convert me to her religion. NO.
    If she respects my decision to be an atheist and she's not super religious to the point where she thinks everything in life happens because Allah wants it that way, then maybe.

    • Nobody can force you to let go of your beliefs, you're totally free!
      I respect your point of view :)

    • I agree, but I've met many religious people who say I'm wrong and criticize me for being an atheist. If you respect my beliefs, and I respect yours, then lets go on a date :)

    • They have no right to do this
      haha okay

  • If she were pretty

    And hey I thought Muslims weren't allowed to date just marry right away?

    • Well, Islam is not that way, you can actually meet the person you're going to get married to, get to know each other more.. but you can't have sex with them..

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    • I'm sorry I didn't mean to give you one, I'm new on this whole thing
      who said that girls who wear Hijab are ugly?

    • I never did. I say Hijab scarves don't make people uglier or prettier, just if their FACE is ugly.

  • I thought it'd be against your religion to date outside your religion.

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    • very very Muslim girls. Like the super Muslims. not normal everyday ones.

    • @Princessofpersia what aout them?

  • A muslim lady can't get married with a man who believes in another religion.. For woman only Muslims accepted

    • I don't agree, but thanks for your opinion

    • It's a rule of Islam not an option to choose

    • Well, Allah said in the Quran that either men or women can marry a believer (believes in God), means that both men & women have the same right
      What about if a non muslim is better than a muslim? what if the non muslim person treats you better, cares for you, thinks you're the one for them..

  • No because they wear Hijabs which is an absolute deal breaker, I want to see her beautiful hair.


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