Ask the question: do you like me?

So I was just wondering...

Is it appropriate/OK to ask a guy the question: "do you like me"?
Either face-to-face or through text?


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  • Probably not on the first date but later as one gets to know a person why not? But usually you should have a vibe that he likes you without having to ask.

    • What if I know for sure he likes me?
      And I just want to hear the words "yes I like you" or something? xD Is it still okay?

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    • The guy I'm talking about is kinda shy... That's why I thought maybe it wasn't appropriate to ask him that question. Is he going to run away? Or be embarrassed :(

    • Tough to say. Might make him squirm a bit... but maybe its time he had to deal with a real woman? Maybe grow a pair!

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  • Yes it is.

  • If you get to know them first

  • its ok anyway u ask it but face to face seems better to me as in my own expierience relations started with texts are doomed to fail


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