Is he still interested?

I met this guy on Tinder 2 months ago, we exchanged numbers and hit it off right away. We pratically talked every single day (50/50 he would start the converstations or I would). We've been on two dates so far and after each date he mentions about going out again that week. Now we were supposed to go on a date earlier this month, he cancelled on me because he was sick but said how sorry he was, the next day he messaged me and talked to me like normal and days after that. He had asked me about my plans that following weekend and said we would work something out but nothing was ever set up. Now last week I had asked him if he could hang out either Thursday or Friday and he said any day was good, so we set it up for Friday. Friday I messaged him asking him if we were still on and he said yes. 2 hours before our date he messaged me saying that he got called in to doing a 14 hour shift at work the next day at his second job. I said to him we can do a laid back night since he has to work all day. He agreed and stated he had to unfortunately I have to leave early from the date. 30 minutes later he cancels on me saying some bad news came up. I asked him if everything was okay he said "yes and no I have to sit on this for a bit. Let's reschedule on Sunday (I couldn't do Sunday) and then he said next week" So I didn't respond after that. Didn't hear from all weekend, Monday he messages me saying "hey, ugh awful weekend." We talked a little bit, the next day I messaged him we talked like normal but I sent him a message mentioning how he wanted to rescheudle this week and I said I was mad about being cancelled on last minute but kept my cool. He messaged me back the next day saying I had every right to be mad at him and he apologized again and said unfortunately his job fired a bunch of people and he had to fill in for them this weekend. I messaged him Friday and he responded real quick and we talked for alittle bit. I haven't heard from him all weekend and I'm just wondering if things have went sour. He does work a lot and I've mentioned that I have no issue heading down to where he lives (I live in NJ he lives in Staten Island, he has come up twice to see me).

Is he still interested? Should I message him or make him miss me? I really don't want him to think I'm not interested because I really do like this guy a lot.


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  • Well, I am not sure as to what this is exactly because every time he seems to be coming up with something, it's too much of a coincidence, I don't know if what he is saying is true or not, but it's doubtful, at least it looks that way to me. I think it's early to say that he is not interested in you, I am not too sure about you need to watch his behaviour and his actions just a little bit longer, for a few more days perhaps, but if the same behaviour continues then certainly it's not a good sign.

  • Do not play games. Contact him one more time. If things do not work out for some reason or he does not respond move on.


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