Should I tell my girlfriend to slow down her drinking if she turned 21 a month ago?

She turned 21 last month and I'm almost 23. She had a good time on her birthday and it was fine cause its her big day. She has been drinking a lot since though and brings alcohol home a lot to drink after work or class and wants me to drink with her. When I first turned 21 i would drink heavily and was almost an alcoholic and I stopped drinking so much when I turned 22 and met her. So I can say she stopped or slowed my drinking and I don't want her to drink a bottle of vodka a night like I used. Should I tell her to slow down the alcohol consumption?
I just don't want her to get out of hand with the drinking cause. I knoenthe issues i had when I started drinking a lot.


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  • Yes, you should talk to her because right now she's an alcoholic and you don't want that to last

    • I feel bad sayi g that in a way cause I was a definite alcoholic for a year and I know the struggle. I did it cause I was single and thought I liked my freedom. Then when I met her I realized. I need a girl go keep me settled down and away from the bar.

    • it's also for her health. It's not because you had this problem that she has the right to also have it. Good luck thought because she probably won't even believe she is an alcoholic

    • Well I didn't believe I was lol the everyone called me a drunk and I realized I may have a problem and I luckily met a beautiful girl who gave me a reason to stop.

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  • I think she's aware of what she's doing, however if you're worried just mention something but don't come off controlling! x

    • Well ibwknt demand her to stop lol. That's nkt my choice I could just throw a suggestion.

  • If you're concerned about her then talk to her

    • I need to cause I don't want to drink 5 times a week anymore and she wants me to drink with the which I dknt want to live that alcoholic life again cause I'm a recovering alcoholic.

    • Tell her that then, and say that you don't want her to become one too

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