What to do when newly single?

So I just broke it off with a guy that I've been dating for over a year.
i'm devasted, because I left him because he was emotinally unavailable

so now I'm wondering if any of you have a "good recipe" on how to be comfortable and selfconfident as a newly single gal


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  • well maybe do things he didn't like to do that you did, what do u mean by emotionally unavailable?

    • He was just so confused :( he'd chance his mind about our relationship every other day...
      One day he'd want me to leave him alone, and the other he'd want to spent all day wanting to cuddle with me all day

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    • Yes and yes
      After he started recieving help, it all went down the drain-.-

    • hm... well i guess its for the best then.

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  • Go hit the bar/club with your girl friends


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