If you were a guy what would you expect next time?

I went out with guy. Just got back from a second date. At the end of the date he leaned in for a kiss. I well have not dated anyone for 3 months and feel like it has been a while since I kissed someone. Hahha maybe it is not really that long. But I was the aggressive kisser. I saw he was not the worlds best kisser. So I was more aggressive. He then said you better go before I get handsy and then said I have a problem with that I am working on that. He leaned in to kiss me again. I kissed him aggressively again. He asked if I planned to kiss him like that and told me I was furious(fur-rosh-ish)sp?. He said come on I thought we weren't going to lie.

I was lying but did not want to say so. So I said no. I asked if that was good or bad the way I was kissing him and he said it was okay. He leaned in again and I kissed him again. I then got out of the car and said I had never hear that I was furious and he was handsy and he then said I will call you on Sunday good bye sexy lady when I get back from out of town. So what does all of this mean. Guys your take. It was our first kiss. Was it bad I was like this? I was somewhat shocked at myself. If you were a guy what would you expect next time?


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  • I think you did good ,the guy might be just a little to proper,next time check out hows he acting,maybe play a little hard to get,eddie


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