Girls, How can you tell a guy is confident?

I have been single my entire life and im 18. I have always had low self-esteem and made fun of myself a lot. I never sulked about it too bad but it was constantly in the back of my head. im trying to turn around my thought process but I dont know where to start. I dont want to come off as cocky/self-centered because that is not what I am. If I was to be myself it would be a turn off.


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  • Well, usually the way they talk and the posture people keep tells a lot about their level of confidence, certain actions like being quick to introduce yourself to new people or approaching others and always being open to new things are also some things I would associate with self confidence.


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  • You need to work on yourself. The things you don't like or are insecure about. Learn to love it. But if it's that bad, and fixable. You should give it a shot. Nothing's more confident than being sure of yourself.

    • Im not confident about my looks... sooo lol I mean yeah working out and all but I mean my face.

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    • How does facial hair help a lot if looks dont matter?

    • They shouldn't, but to build confidence, you have to 1st love yourself. And if it little things that you can control? Why not, learn to see what you like about yourself. In my experiences. Working out and, playing sports, changing my hair made me more confident. you do it for you no one else. Even learning new things, having a wide spread knowledge about specific topics. Even Vocabulary. It can really be anything. That was just an example I use, because it's what worked for me. And you did mention features.

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