Being ugly makes me anxius how do I cope with it?


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  • What helps me is that i dont look in the mirror and slowly u forget to care about looks and after few days, weeks or months ur face doesn't seem that ugly anymore, well its still feel this way but i personally just thought to myself, well fck it face is smth u cannot change so yea fck it

    • no, no I dont FEEL ugly I actaully AM ugly

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    • Its cause you live in denial

    • K show ur picture and if u are ugly i will tell u so

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  • Awww, I'm sure you are not ugly at all, try to concentrate on what you think are your best parts, only think about those and not the others.

    • no no I am in fact ugly everyone tells me

    • Well ignore them, they are not worth talking to

    • hmmm thats kinda hard because you knows you're fucked for life

  • Try to look at things different.

    • thats the stu[desnt piece of advice ever

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    • How? I already workout. Dress better and cleared my face and still ugly, not much else I can do

    • Okay.

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