Can y'all helpe fix things?

I know I drought this on my self but I need y'all help fixing it. Okay so here is what happened. Me and this boy was texting and all that other stuff right. I started to ask him questions like why he liked me and all that other stuff. I said something to him and this is what I said why do you care if I have a boyfriend. You honestly didn't care when you said yes to her. So he said back I was thinking about you when I said yes to her. So I asked him why did you say yes to her then. Then he said because you said you didn't care. So I said I'm gonna do us both a favor and told him I don't care if you go out with her marry her have a kid or two or anything else for that matter so he said no I don't believe that so I said I'm telling the truth I really don't care. He said all right then bye. Then I said when I push you away I want you to pull me in closer. The reason why I said I don't care is because im afraid afraid you will give up on me afraid that you will walk out on me afraid that you will pick her and when i say I don't care i really do please don't give up on me. He didn't answer Me so i said i think you already did.


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  • This is pretty confusing. But if I understand it right, it seems like you two need to talk and not play games. Hit the reset button. Forget about miscommunications of the past. The two of you together need to decide if you want to be with each other or not.

    This part about you not caring if he is with someone else is just fooling yourself. That's not what you want and you know it. You are just setting yourself up for misery by thinking that way.


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  • I don't think you need to do anything else. You said your true feelings at the end. If he doesn't respond. His loss. But I see that you are under 18. Don't take relationships so serious you are still young and have a lot of learning to do. you have a lot of soul searching to do. Work on you. And if he doesn't respond, just learn from it.


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  • Masterfully crafted. You made happen to yourself what you feared the most !
    Take a lesson out if it and move on. Don't say things you don't mean. You told him to go away so he did. How do you feel now? Not so proud huh? You sent him right into her arms.

    When girls play stupid games, they get burned. Remember that !


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  • Apologize again


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