Girls, if a guy friend text you once a month, is that being needy?


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  • Once a month? It is nothing. It is like he disappears and reappears, and that does wrong. No girl would want that their relationship. The guy should text her twice a week every month at least to be fair.

    • well, if she has a boyfriend and a busy schedule, don't you think it's fair?

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    • Well I'm pretty sure, she would appreciate me giving her space. And when I told her I'll stay in touch I meant it but it does not mean texting everyday or every week. But I do keep in touch. I'll have to think form her boyfriend's point of view as well because being a guy I know how men think and feel.

    • Yup.

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  • That depends on how close you are, but I'd say it's fine

  • No... that's just kind of... not being there.

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