Am I the only one who doesn't want to date someone with similar interests?

kind of a werid thing like I am a more hanging out kind of guy and chill, I am not shy but quiet. I open up a lot once we get to know each other. I wouldn't call myself a bad boy which is the dumbest phrase ever but I'm not Mr. innocent lol I don't know but I can't picture myself in a relationship with a girl who likes to do things that I like, it would be like dating myself but in a girl, maybe friend zone them. Like I don't know if a basketball player can be with a basketball girl or party guy with a party girl, I mean you can try to work stuff out but I feel it would be like arguing with your self. I like shy, inexperienced girls who are smart and cute. What do you all have to say? I know my thoughts are a bit confusingšŸ˜€


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  • Different might work, you have a point about going out with a person who has similar interest. There is too much in common, and you lose interest in that person. If not, you argue a lot with that person because you guys might have similar views and it bores you. It is betterto datea different person because you have a different perspective about them. And then the relationship might be different and it might be good.


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  • Yeah that's weird I want to be with someone with similar interests


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