Girls, Why don't girls ask out guys?

I know there have got to be people out there that do, but more commonly I've found that most women seem to just wait around until the male makes the first move. Which is something that the more I do, the less I want to, it gets tiring after a while and it would be nice to be the pursued one every now and again.


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  • traditionally, guys should be the first to approach. As most of the time, people think that a girl is flirt if she's the one who does the first move.


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  • I think guys are more likely to approach girls based solely on looks. A girl usually needs more than just looks in order to want to approach someone. I know plenty of college age girls (myself included) who will definitely approach a guy we like from classes or something at a party. Because we know them from class and have seen how they act around school, and we know that they have an attractive face. That's when we approach. I wouldn't bother approaching a random stranger unless I was plastered

  • I think a lot of it has to do with confidence or more specifically where that confidence comes from. I know a lot of girls gain confidence from their appearance and that is generally measured by getting shall we say the approval or attention of men.

    • So basically for these girls, if they're not getting your attention or your approach they assume you don't find them attractive, lose confidence and go home alone.

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