Should I put in more effort/make it more obvious that I like him?

I talk to this guy online daily, for almost a year now. We met up once, kissed and cuddled. He hadn't made plans to try to meet up again and so I finally asked him if he wanted to see me/was interested in me still and he said he was, but that the distance makes it impractical and he has issues with being open emotionally after a bad relationship. I told him that if he didn't feel up to seeing me in person, I was going to start going out on dates with other guys and see where things went... Because I had been holding myself back due to having a connection with him. He said he would like to see me and got jealous when I went on a few dates. He would message me with sad faces or ask how it was. He also started getting upset wth me sometimes, and think I was ignoring him just because I hadn't messaged him yet in that day... Yet he hadn't messaged me either. To top it off, when I would respond after that he would say a few words and then ignore me. Also in general he doesn't have a lot to say when we talk, so that gives me the impression that he doesn't want to talk, which is why I usually wait for him to message me if he feels like. The concerns of me ignoring" him pop up way more often now. Do you think that despite clearly expressing that Im interested, he is in need of me to put more effort in to make it overtly obvious, before he makes a move to take this further?


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  • Looks like he is a problem more than anything else. why do you still want to dance with this guy?

    • I really like him and am a little attached to him at this point, because we talk every day... And I guess just being hopeful that things would improve. Every time I find myself thinking I want to give up, something always stops me. I have plenty of options other than him, but don't really care about any of them but him...

    • This guy will make you suffer before you finally had enough and leave...
      Good luck !

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