My last crush of 2 years was gay and now it's rooning me?

So my only real crush was of 2 years and them she told me she was gay I finally moved on and 8 months later I found another girl I I've went to school with and really like but now all I can't think is she and all other girls r gay and I have no chance I just c a girl that has a best friend and just think she is gay she says she is straight on FB I want to talk to her but I don't know how please help I really need it


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  • Does she like you the way you like her? Or is it just a crush.

    • I don't know anymore ik she dosn't have a boyfriend I think she liked me when we went to school together but it's been a while

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    • I only wish I could hang out with her I'm the complete opposite and one of her friends said she loved me used me and then just leaft after learning a lot of deep things so it would be so akwerd if I asked her out in any way

    • I mean you never know until you try. Don't live in fear. And don't live life with regrets or what ifs. If you really like her, then I don't see what the issue would be. But make sure she's right for you. It's seems you haven't had the best partners in the past. Make sure she's right for you. Don't let past experiences paralyze you. Learn from them.

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  • I have many crushes... and I drank them all. Move on bruh.


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  • We're all gay. Just be gay, too. It's your only chance at love.

    • What I don't understand sorry?

    • "all I can't think is she and all other girls r gay and I have no chance" you're right.

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  • All women are lesbian these days. Get over it.


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