Why do some guys like fat girls?

I mean not to be mean.. but I don't find it attractive... I can find "busty" to be hot... sure.. but when we start getting in to clear chubby territory and beyond, especially obese... it's a HUGE turnoff. At the same time I don't like skin and bones, so just something in the middle.

LIke "Mama June" has FOUR baby daddies. I mean Good God! People find that hot?


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  • hahahaha I agree that obese people aren't the most attractive. but their personalities may be... beautiful, i guess. maybe some people are more "tolerant" and can overlook their physical physique (not that there's anything wrong with being chubby, of course).

    also, there are guys who'd screw anything with a vagina, so there's that

    • why u privatez yo?

    • why not?

    • very peculiarz and unnecessaryz?

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  • It's just a preference! Different men find different kinds of women attractive.


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  • Who the heck is "Mama June"? O_o
    Anyway, they like fat girls because they happen to be attracted to them.
    It is simple.
    Why do you like thin girls? Can you actually explain it? No.
    People happen to have different preferences than you.


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  • Because everyone has their own preferencesssssssssss.

  • That's like asking a girl why does she like men with abs? You can't explain it and neither can we.

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