I have a very difficult decision to make about my relationship. Has anyone gone through this?

We've been dating for 2 years and we broke up almost 2 months ago because the relationship wasn't feeling right for me. We got back together to try and work things out a couple weeks ago, but it still doesn't feel right. I have talked to her about all of this and she has left me the choice to break up for good, or keep trying. It's killing me because we have a perfect relationship that most people would kill for, but when I get to the root cause it's because deep down I think I can do better. I know it's shallow and thats why I'm struggling to decide, but I can't help it. I've been told by countless females that I am very cute/hot and I'm a more masculine (but sill caring) guy. I'm also pretty smart. I don't mean to sound arrogant but I will anyways no matter how I put this. So basically I'm a "full package", but I never let this go to my head. In fact, I thought that I was unattractive at first, but I was wrong. My girlfriend has an incredible personality and is pretty much perfect in the personality department, but she's lacking physically. Don't get me wrong, she's very cute and I've had to fend some guys off for her, but "cute" really isn't my thing. I prefer a more classy and eligant beauty. There are some minor problems in out relationship as well that aren't fixable, but they can bee tolarated. I feel awful because I keep trying to not feel like this, but it's not working. I feel like I'm settling for someone lower than I am capable of. This shallowness has caused our relationship to fall apart and I don't know if i should throw it all away, but if I stay with her I will probably never be satisfied.


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  • You might think you can do better now but you don't want to have meet, get to know, and create a whole new relationship with someone , saying that you find someone else. having someone who cares about you knows all about your life and has stuck with you for that amount of time isn't something you should give up. You need to remember why you love her before you make a decision.

  • Then, break up. You don't sound happy.


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