Is he interested in friendship or more?

This guy abandoned me when I needed him. I was lost and he knew I was but he purposly didn't pick up his phone. We are coworkers\aqantances. And Im new to the area.

After staring at me all day and avoiding me he found me and apologized. Since then we've still been weird since we work together. But at the company beer party he kept checking up on me. And looking at me, I told him we were cool and gave him a fist bump.

During the party I was crouching down near the chair and he joined me. I poked him and he flexed. His hand was half way on mine for one missipi.

He invited me out for lunch. Him and his ex lady boss were eatting together. I wasn't welcome in the lady superviors eyes. Afterwards me and him went for icecream. He wanted to hang out some more. Afterwards we went home. Is he being friendly? Is he feeling guilty, is it a crush or is it inbetween?


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  • Seems like he's interested.


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