Did I reject her too meanly?

This very attractive woman started talking to me in class Friday. I thought she was full of crap I ignored her. Sadly, she didn't get the hint. I told her "You have probably dated assclowns all your life and now you want the quiet nerd who prefer staying away from women like you and people in general right?" She said "I was just trying to be nice but thanks for assuming the worst and that's why you're single because you don't women a chance." I told her "You don't deserve it because I don't trust women like you, now leave me alone." She rolled her eyes and I heard her tell her friends "that is the last time I make the first move on a guy." I kind of feel bad now because I think she was really trying to be nice without an ulterior motive like I think most are when they're nice to me. Was I too harsh?


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  • lol you sound lame as fuck. yeah you were too harsh but you did it because you aren't confident and can't imagine why anyone with options would like you. not all pretty girls hate nerdy guys. if you act like that then no wonder no women like you. stop being bitter and paranoid. if you dont like very attractive girls would you rather a fat ugly girl tried talkiing to you?


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  • Very harsh


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