Is it normal for the guy to say he likes it when I look similar to his old crush?

he's never actually said "i like how you look because you look like her"

however, he does tell me he likes my looks because of my eyes and bangs.

see it may sound weird but the thing is the girl and I wear contacts called "circle lenses" which makes your iris looks much bigger. he doesn't know about circle lenses.

I understand guys have types like blue eyes and blonde hair but it's not particularly normal to have big irises and the fact that his favorite thing about me are my eyes.. he always comments how he loves my eyes and how big they are.

when I attempted to change my bangs from being front to the side he disliked them.

he's a very oblivious and honest guy and would never hurt me intentionally but I wonder if he likes me because I look like his old crush without realizing it himself...


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  • So if you don't want guys liking you because of the ways your eyes look, why are you changing how your eyes look?
    Basically you and his crush use these circle lenses or whatever, and you assume that since he likes your fake eyes, that it means that he likes something similar to his ex and then you go on that it's not normal for a guy to like the unnatural eyes that you purposely wear.
    I'm sorry but you make very little sense.
    Firstly it would not be uncommon for anyone to like certain features, of course if you don't like that thought your free to not go for him.
    But then you complain that guys like your "eyes" that you choose to wear, if you want guys to like your natural eyes, don't wear contacts, I think all types of eyes have there own appeal, and complaining about that is ridicules.

    Anyways, if you don't like him judging you by your looks, simple answer, don't be with him.

    • it's similar to how girls wear makeup to look pretty. I would stop wearing them but I know he finds them attractive. I just wonder if he could subconsciously like me because I look similar to her. he's never judged me and always just complimented me.

      I'm sorry if I sound like a dumb girl but I just wanted some thoughts besides my own.

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    • thank you by the way. I appreciate the honest answers that might sound harsh but I actually prefer them over sugar coated ones.

    • Being in the same classes? I wouldn't be fond of it, but it's probably nothing to worry about unless there not over each other. Even so not much you can do about it, though it's a class, doubt anything would happen, more likely it's just really awkward for both of them.

      Glad you like the answers, at least your not looking for people to just agree with you, not trying to be mean. anyways.

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  • Umm, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't bother with him if I was in your position.
    I wouldn't want someone to like me only because I happen to look like his old crush. That would make me feel hurt.


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  • Is it normal? In your age range, probably.

    Is it a good idea? Hell no. What woman wants to be compared to another woman?


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