Signs that your boyfriend has lost interest in you?

What are some signs that your boyfriend has lost interest in you, from both experience and knowledge :)


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  • he never calls or texts you as much as he use too, he may not want to hang out with you like he use too, no or little sexual activity.. there are many things but those to me would stand out the most, also he always is with friends and never/hardly spends time with you.


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  • Hey there!
    If a guy has lost interest in you, you'll know. He stops making plans with you, looks bored when you are together, texts you less or doesn't text you at all, prefers to spend his free time with his friends, doesn't touch you (in both romantic and sexual way)...
    I hope this helps!
    aro97 xxx


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  • Number of calls or text messages will decrease
    Excuses will increase

    If you see thOse 2 signs. RED FLAG


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