Girls, what would you do if you liked a guy your friend also likes?

I developed a bit of a crush on my friends friend, who she also likes. When I hung out with them he seemed to act flirty towards me at times, but I can't say for sure whether he likes me. I wouldn't feel right at all going after a guy my best friend likes, but if she was alright with it do you think it's a good idea? How do you girls think I should go about it?


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  • My friends and I are cool with it because we know we aren't gonna actually date him.

    • But if you wanted to date your friends crush, would you with her permission? Or do you just not for for him at all? Same thing with the other way around, would you be okay with your friend saying a guy you like?

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    • I would let her date him because I can move on from crushes without feeling too miserable.

    • I don't know if I would date him though.

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