I'm striking out with girls and would appreciate if anyone could give me advice?

I didn't date for a year because I wanted time to myself and time to get over my previous bad relationship. Two weeks ago I decided to try to date again and I'm not having any luck.

There was this girl I met at a bar and she seemed to like me and asked me to take her number so I did. I invited her to something and she said she had plans but if they changed would come. I said maybe some other time and she said for sure. Didn't text her for a week then texted her a little and asked her out the next day and she sent me a short message a day later saying she was busy. Struck out there.

Invited a girl I met last semester but hadn't talked to since then, so over two months, out to something. Was sure this girl really liked me back then. She said she would try to make it. But she wasn't able to. Then I texted her two days after trying to be funny, and also asked her about her plans for fall semester. She didn't reply. Its been two days.

Sent a girl a message on facebook two weeks ago. I didn't have this girls number so had to message her like that. Another girl from college I was sure liked me back in spring semester. She wasn't replying and so I checked a couple times the next days and it said she hadn't read the message. I gave up. Finally one day a message popped up from her and she sent me a somewhat long reply. So then I replied and asked her for her #. That was a day ago and she hasn't replied. I checked and according to facebook messenger she has read that one already.

So I'm not having much luck. Maybe its from not talking to them for a while? Or maybe I sound annoying when I text people? Or maybe I misjudged and these girls were not that into me? Any advice would help. I don't want to keep striking out and I don't want to annoy girls who aren't interested.


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  • Well the girls sounds like they were just being polite overall. If they were interested they would of made the time to talk to you. How long have you known these girls for? Some girls like to chat for a bit and try to get to know you better on a deeper level before heading out with you to places.

    Try not to be so attentive on the messages. And wait for there reply. If that reply doesn't come, move on. Good luck


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  • The real question you have to ask your self is why do you care? what do you want from dating?

    Really you should just not give a single fuck about practically anyone's opinions or perceived interests in you. Just be yourself and understand that you should be able to walk up to literally anyone and just have a laugh, because if they don't like you then they can go fuck themselves.

    Best advice I can give if you aren't confident enough to deal with rejection and not care about what others think then you have some serious self improvement necessary before you can have a meaningful relationship with anyone.


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  • I think you're only reaching out to girls that you're sure are really into you, this *might* come across in your messages without you realising. I say move on and forget about girls from in the past, especially the ones who might have known you when you were in your previous relationship. Good luck :D


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  • Dealing with girls always give headache


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