I'm newly "single" and i've realized that I just can't be monogamous?

thats not why i broke up with this last girl, we broke up becuase she saw things on my messages that she did not like seeing but it didn't involve me seeing other girls..

anyway, im 22 and i just love women. there are so many beautiful woman walking around with so many things to offer who are all unique in their own way and i just want to try as many as i can (as long as im attracted to them).

but as long as i am seeing a girl and we haven't discussed that we are seriously in a real relationship and we are 100% exclusive i will never just assume so.

this isn't really a question but more of a discussion so please discuss


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  • Just ask the girl and if she says she wants to be exclusive and you don't then just talk it out? You don't have to be forced into a relationship at 22 - there's nothing wrong with playing the field as long as you aren't hurting people. Just say you aren't ready for a relationship or anything serious, if you love women that much and fear you can't be monogamous then don't try or force it until your mind set is focused on a relationship because I think you attempting monogamy is just going to hurt a lot of people


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