Black Girl Dating in Japan Disaster HELP?

I'm apart of a teaching program were we go to Japan to teach and live. I though I would have the exzotic and youth appeal but I don't. Japanese men turn there heads staring at me. I wear cute clothing, nothing revealing. I get complements that I am beautiful and cute, but I have no suitors. The men that I work with eirther assume I like only black men, or they are just into japanese girls.

The japanese women sort of treat me as if they are jealous. Saying I'm so pretty as if there comparing themselves to me. I tell them there cute too but... it's not making me any friends. I have this one guy who is a coworker that is giving me MIXED SIGNALS!

When I was lost this guy didn't answer his phone enough thou he knew I couldn't speak/read the langaue. He apologized but things have been weird betweeen us. At the company party he kept checking up on me, and was looking my way. I looked at him and he didn't take his eyes off mine. (I assumed he was being friendly so I smiled, and I was drunk) When I was squatting he minicked me, and when he touched my hand he held it there for 4 secs. When I poked his arms he flexed and then he invited me out to hang with him and his boss. He told his boss in Japanese that me liking horror movies was "kawaii/cute" and when his boss left he offered to hang out longer and get sweets.

Is he just guily or interested? HELP can anyone give me any dating advice?


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  • Isn't Japan notoriously racist? Honestly they hate whitey enough, to going there as a black girl is pretty damn brave.

    Although I've heard the Japanese South is less racist than the North, so maybe you've gotten lucky.


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  • They dont think the can measure up to black guys.


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  • Come back to the USA I could never live in Japan


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