Help! I feel rejected?

- read> I miss this guy i used to ''see'' and i contacted him but he seemed angry and totally made me feel worthless. He said i wasn't worthy of him anymore, that i had my chance and that i should fuckk off and dissappointed someone else, i asked to see him to talk and he just said ''ok'' (sarcastically) and i miss his smell, his voice, his skin just everything, he ignored me for a motnh (he said he would always be there for me all i had to do was call) he completely cut me off and he said he would never do that. Im a virgin by the way so haven't slept with other men (im 23). He ahsnt blocked or deleted my number but he doesn't talk to me either. He just wants to piss me off.
He said i should fuckk off and dissappoint someone else


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  • I'm sure there is more to this story and you aren't telling us why he feels justified to treat you that way. Anyway, you can't make someone like you. You need to delete all information and contacts from this guy, throw away or get rid of any physical objects that remind you of him and move on.


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  • This guy sucks, move on sweetheart because no man that cares about you is going to treat you that way. I'm not sure what you may have done to contribute to this but I can say it's probably better to move on.

    • I lied to him i was going to chill with another guy because he said he considers me an ''option''.

    • Well then he has every right to be upset with you. You guys aren't even dating yet and you've already showed him that you're practically a cheater. I know you don't have any obligations to him at the moment but what is the point in seeing two men at once, what if they both decide to make you theirs? You've already betrayed his trust over the possibility of you being an 'option' to another guy. If you liked this dude so much, you wouldn't have done that. You can keep trying (which makes you look crazy) or you can move on and be more careful next time.

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  • OMG! I know him


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