My boyfriend has been making me feel really unimportant sometimes and I don't know what to do?

Where do I start. My boyfriend ignores my texts all the time but posts of Facebook and bullshit like that. That shit really bothers me and I tried telling him that but he still does it. Some of his friends just magically appeared again and now he spends all his time there and always wants me to be there when we hang out. And I was like umm no. I want to be able to have alone time with you. The best is that he's planning to move in with them and that's gonna be great for our relationship because we'll never be alone. I mean don't get me wrong there nice people but I don't come down there to see them. I want to spend my time with him. So there is this girl that he works with that he went on a few dates with and it didn't work out. Well she still flirts with him all the time and now she's on his Facebook sending kissy faces to him and I want to punch her in the face. Then he liked the post... I almost feel like he's trying to piss me off and I don't think I can do much more of this. What do you guys think of my situation? I really just needed to vent about my problems. Sorry. Lol.


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  • keep an eye on him, hs kinda treating you more like a friend then a girlfriend, you should go a few times with him, then drag him off somewhere to be alone after a while. but he should be paying more agent to you.

    • u need to sit and have a nice talk

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  • I think it's time for you to find a new boyfriend. If the current one gets graded on his performance so far, he gets an F, maybe a D-. Are you willing to settle for that, because that's as good as this guy will ever be with you?

  • Sounds like he is one of those guys that simply doesn't value a relationship over friendships. He sounds like another one of these guys that cares more about his bros and needs to be surrounded by 20 friends all the time in order to have a good time. He sounds young and still in that partying phase where he isn't mature enough to appreciate a loving relationship.


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