Guys, is it a good thing to keep texting after a first date or annoying? How to not appear too needy or too eager?

How often is too much? Before the first date, we texted long detailed texts to eachother and we sent about 6-8 a day for 3 days (I met him4 days go). Now we just had a first date and he said he's excited to see me again-the next day I texted him goodmorning, hope your day is going ok. Is it ok to keep texting after a first date? Good or annoying?
also, should the girl pull back at some point and how do you keep him guessing and not appear too eager or easy?


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  • Yes I think it's good. It shows your still interested too. If you text him first with a conversation and it ends, then don't text him again, wait until he starts the next conversation.

    • Ok thanks! Yea, I texted him this morning because he was the last to text last night. It's been very back and forth

    • Yeah that's perfect :) It sounds like it's going well :)

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