Would you date someone from volunteering?

If work colleagues are off limits?
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  • yeah sure, why not. beautiful, amazing, great people are found anywhere and everywhere.

    • Because some people may not date fellow volunteers for the same reason they don't date work colleagues.

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    • Yeah although that rule could apply anywhere then if you eat on a lot of places

    • bahhaaa! true that

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  • I don't see why not.

    • Because most people wouldn't date work colleagues and some people consider fellow volunteers the same as work colleagues.

    • Yeah but I'm not most people you see.

  • Volunteering is still work.

  • I don't date people I work with. Don't s*** where you eat and never mix business with pleasure.

    • Does that include volunteering?

    • Volunteering is different. Once it's over, then you can try it.

    • But I think it's more acceptable with volunteering since you can just easily quit volunteering at any time and you're not being paid so there's no significant impact.

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