Guys, when don't you text back?

Let's say, you hit on a girl first and you asked her out few time.

You told her you don't want a relationship, she is cool about it, you went out, slept few time. She seems like you as well. Text you almost every day like what you USED to text her everyday.

But at some point, you don't reply her mesg anymore. You read all of it but you don't reply. Earlier you were still saying: I'm working, I need to concentrate. You are too hot and distractive.

But now, you are in holiday, not busy at all- but you just read all her message and you know she is wondering and you just read and not replying.

Guy, it's happens to a lot women, I'm just wondering, individually, what and when makes you not reply to a girl you approached her first?
Just want to know personally, what would be your moment and reason that you read but don't replay even when u free.


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