Operation save a ho a real thing and they don't deserve love?

I was working with a couple of let's say... urban gentlemen (far from gentlemen).
We were talking about relationships and how I met a girl liked her she told me about her less than stellar pass but she refused to change.
My co-workers just laughed and told me it's called "operation save a ho." It never works and they are only good to mess around with but do not love them. They said can't turn a ho into a house wive that hos don't deserve love. I thought that was pretty ruthless and cold to hear from them. They just said "just trying to help a brother out. Follow those rules and you'll never get hurt.
I don't call woman hos by the way... like I said they're very... urban


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  • Your colleagues are morons. Can you imagine a group of girls discussing a guy who by your own statement has probably 'messed around with a lot of hos (sic)'? Would we call it 'operation try to pin a guy down who thinks he is successful in the bedroom department but in actual fact cannot maintain a long term relationship because he is shit in the bedroom'? No we would not.

    The only thing that counts is whether you like this girl... if you do tell her, if you do take her out and if you do and she likes you too I'm sure it will develop into a wonderful thing☺

    • ... well only thing that is worrying is what if she says... she love me and cares about... be but I don't compare... in size or (last as long) as some random guy she met? Thats the thing... unfortunately makes me want to sleep with a bunch of girl I don't care about... to please a woman I actually are about.

    • The only thing that matters is whether she is going to cheat on you. If she is she's not worth bothering about. Also, if she is a nice girl worthy of your attention she will not care about size... it's what you do with it that counts - and that's something you can have fun learning together☺

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  • I am 60 years old and have been involved with this type of woman. They are a lot of fun sexually and usually have a fun "bad girl" personality.

    They are good with sex and give great oral. I would never, ever marry one. Some women seem to become addicted to what bulges in men's pants. lol

    • Yeah, when I was younger I didn't think much about it. But the closer I get to 30... I start to devalue their worth... when it comes to some one I want to spend time money and emotional resources. It's like the market I guess... don't over pay on something that can be had cheap... sucks

    • That is a good way to look at this with one exception... If she gives you a STD she did not come cheap. She could end up costing you your life. Also, if she gives you a STD are you going to tell future sex partners you are "infected"? If you do she will most likely not have sex with you and she will tell all her friends to avoid you. These troubled women may be an easy suck and fuck. Ask yourself... Is it really worth it?

    • No... not all. As much as I hate it... I ware a condom. Even turned one down while she was on all fours back arch waiting... I didn't have a condom... hardest thing I had to fight myself to not do it. Found out my buddie fucked her and got goneria from her. So it was good I didn't. This wasn't recent though I just always devalued these woman and I didn't know if it was sexist or mysogenistic. Not as a person just as some one I'd want to invest myself to. But just hear operation save a oh today so didn't know it had a name

  • She has a less than stellar past and refuses to change.. That last part is what u seem to be overlooking. Anyway, when u settle, u get what u settled for.

    • I have a bad abhor of following the promiscuous girl mantra "love me for me not my past." It's been making realize that some (a lot) of woman can't escape their past.

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